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Geochronology STANDARD SET

Product Code Chron1

Age dating of rocks (Geochronology) can be acheived by the chemical analysis of the Th, U and Pb in monazite and xenotime which are present in certain rocks. This standard block contains carefully chosen materials to provide standards suitable for the analysis of monazite and xenotime.

1 inch diameter, 8mm thick

Std Element   Standard Material
1 K KAlSiO3 Natural Orthoclase
2 Fe Fe2O3 Natural Haematite
3 Mg MgO Periclase
4 Al Al2O3 Corundum
5 P Ca5(PO4)3OH Natural Apatite
6 Na NaAlSi3O8 Natural Albite
7 Si & Ca CaSiO3 Natural Wollastonite
8 Y Y3Al5O12 Synthetic Yttrium Aluminium Garnet
9 Y P&H 10% Y in glass
10 La P&H 10% La in glass
11 Ce P&H 10% Ce in glass
12 Pr P&H 10% Pr in glass
13 Nd P&H 10% Nd in glass
14 Sm P&H 10% Sm in glass
15 Eu P&H 10% Eu in glass
16 Gd P&H 10% Gd in glass
17 Tb P&H 10% Tb in glass
18 Dy P&H 10% Dy in glass
19 Ho P&H 10% Ho in glass
20 Er P&H 10% Er in glass
21 Tm P&H 10% Tm in glass
22 Yb P&H 10% Yb in glass
23 Lu P&H 10% Lu in glass
24 P&H glass blank containing no REE
25 Th P&H 5% Th in glass
26 U P&H 5% U in glass
27 Pb & P Pb5(PO4)3Cl Natural Pyromorphite
28 Pb PbCrO4 Natural Crocoite
29 Th ThO2 Natural Thorianite
30 U Mineral with mixed U Phases For peaking the spectrometers