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Glass Standards for Difficult Elements

Product Code SPGLASS7

Seven glass standards for EDS and WDS calibration containing elements for which it is difficult to provide a suitable reliable chemical standard.

Rubidium Ge-Al-Ca glass containing 10wt% Rb
Strontium Ge-Al-Ca glass containing 10wt% Sr
Caesium Si-Al-Ca glass containing 10wt% Cs
Barium Si-Al-Ca glass containing 10wt% Ba
Potassium Si-Al-Ca glass containing 10wt% K
Uranium Si-Al-Ca glass containing 5wt% U
Thorium Si-Al-Ca glass containing 5wt% Th

All the above glasses can be supplied as a set or supplied individually in customer specified standard blocks. These glass standards have all been chemically analysed in duplicate and the glasses are issued with a certificate of analysis from a NAMAS certified laboratory. They have all been tested for homogeneity by EPMA.