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Rare Earth Elements (REE) Glass Standards for EDS and WDS

Product Code REE16G

A standard set consisting of sixteen Si-Al-Ca based glasses. Fourteen of the glasses each containing a single REE oxide at 12 wt%, additionally a glass containing yttrium oxide at 12wt% is included as it is often found in association with the REEs, one of the glasses is REE free and is for use as a zero standard. These glasses have been developed to replace the fluorides and pure metals traditionally used as standards for REE analysis. REE glasses have the advantage of providing a standard which is easily polished, free from surface oxidation and generally lowers the magnitude of the analysis ZAF correction.

All the above glasses can be supplied as a set or supplied individually in customer specified standard blocks. These glass standards have all been chemically analysed in duplicate and the glasses are issued with a certificate of analysis from a NAMAS certified laboratory. They have all been tested for homogeneity by EPMA.