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Product Code GEO Mk II

This standard block contains standards to analyse most Silicate and Oxide minerals. Kyanite, Almandine, Olivine and Diopside have been added as secondary standards to check the quality of the chemical analysis achieved.

1 inch diameter, 8mm thick.

Std Element Standard Material
1 Andradite Glass Synthetic glass of andritic composition to calibrateWDS
2 Zr Zircon Natural Zircon, ZrSiO4, strong cathodoluminescence to focus the beam
3 Mg Periclase Synthetic, MgO
4 Cs Caesium glass P&H Developments special Si-Al-Ca glass, see glasses for difficult elements page
5 P Apatite Natural Fl - Apatite Ca5(PO4)3F
6 Na Jadeite Natural NaAlSi2O6
7 Ti Rutile Synthetic, TiO2
8 Ba Barytes Natural BaSO4
9 Co Cobalt Pure Metal
10 Ca, Si Wollastonite Natural, CaSiO3
11 Fe Haematite Natural Fe2O3
12 K Orthoclase Natural KAlSi3O4
13 V Vanadium Pure Metal
14 Fe, S Pyrite Natural FeS2
15 Cl Halite Natural NaCl
16 F Fluorite Natural CaF2
17 * Olivine Natural Peridot, (Mg,Fe)SiO4
18 Rb, Ge Rubidium glass P&H Developments special Ge-Al-Ca glass, see glasses for difficult elements page
19 Mn Rhodonite Natural MnSiO3
20 * Kyanite Natural Al2SiO5
21 Zn, S Sphalerite Synthetic ZnS
22 Sr Celestine Natural SrSO4
23 Ni Nickel Pure Metal
24 Cr Chromium Oxide Synthetic Cr2O3
25 * Almandine Natural Fe3Al2Si3O12
26 Cu Copper Pure Metal
27 * Diopside Natural CaMgSi2O6
28 Al Corundum Synthetic Al2O3

* Secondary standard to test quality of analysis obtained